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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chem Sketch

What is ACD/ChemSketch ACD/ChemSketch is a chemical drawing software package from Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc. designed to be used alone or integrated with other applications. ChemSketch is used to draw chemical structures, reactions and schematic diagrams. It can also be used to design chemistryrelated reports and presentations. ACD/ChemSketch has the following major capabilities: · Structure Mode for drawing chemical structures and calculating their properties. · Draw Mode for text and graphics processing. · Molecular Properties calculations for automatic estimation of: * molecular weight; * percentage composition; * molar refractivity; * molar volume; * parachor; * index of refraction; * surface tension; * density; * dielectric constant; and * polarizability. ACD/ChemSketch can stand alone as a drawing package or act as the “front end” to other ACD software such as the NMR Predictor engines.

ChemSketch - An Introductory Guide

A. Introduction B. Getting and installing ChemSketch
C. Drawing your first molecule D. 3D structures -- introduction
E. 3D structures, within ChemSketch F. 3D structures, for RasMol
G. Drawing in ChemSketch -- more basic features H. Lewis structures (more templates)
I. Interactions between the ChemSketch and 3D modules J. Stereochemistry: Drawing cis-trans isomers at double bonds

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