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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Pictures MapLe sofTware :

AbouT MapLe :

"Mathematics touches us every day —from the simple chore of calculating the total cost of our purchases to the complex calculations used to construct the bridges we travel.
To harness the power of mathematics, Maplesoft provides a tool in an accessible and complete form. That tool is Maple."

That is common phrase that we can find in any book that discuss about Mapple Programming.

With Maple we can create powerful interactive documents. The Maple environment lets us start solving problems right away by entering expressions in 2-D Math and solving these expressions using point-and-click interfaces. We can combine text and math in the same line, add tables to organize the content of your work, or insert images, sketch regions, and spreadsheets. We can visualize and animate problems in two and three dimensions, format text for academic papers, or books, and insert hyperlinks to other Maple files, Web sites, or email addresses. We can embed and program graphical user interface components, as well as devise custom solutions using the Maple programming language. (Mapple 12 Guide User)

LinK Maple :

TabLes :


Topic 1Numeric and Symbolic Computations
Topic 2Visualization
Topic 3Matrix Computations
Topic 4Differential Equations
Topic 5Control Systems Design
Topic 6Dictionary of Math and Engineering
Topic 7Units and Tolerances
Topic 8Maplets and MapleNet

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